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The Rashik Collection offers a variety of spontaneous wooden family and office suites for master performances Starting from 1 year to 5 years with free Steel & Classic free and from year 2 your service will be possible to continue using new office facilities and you can also use your services with equipped workshops , Magazine, Summary, Summary and Use Legal materials, journals of principles and regulations, customer orientation and taste can be suggested.

Rashik Manufacturing Group For many years, using services and providing services to our customers, you can provide companies and manufacturers with hotels, restaurants, healings, publicity and service as raw and secretive groups. Announces related to the furniture and decoration industry.
From this collection
1. Provide excellent quality products
2. Flexible in the supplier
3. Provide market products
4. Provide post-decision services
5. Above all, respect for customer rights
Our goal is to provide high quality wooden products and increase prices.
I can tell you more quickly with any problems or personal questions you call us.
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